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Bring your tour group to the Hotel Rudkøbing Skudehavn

Hotel Rudkøbing Skudehavn byder Dem velkommen som gruppe for en bid mad, en nat eller op til flere nætter. Vi har stor erfaring med grupperrejser og tilbyder Dem lækre værelser eller lejligheder, hjemmelavet mad af friske råvarer, fantakstiske omgivelser og en venlig og smilende betjening.

Whether you stay the night or not, you and your guests are welcome to enjoy lunch, dinner, or a cup of coffee with us.

Vi har 39 værelser/lejligheder og har overnatning til 110 personer og bespisning for op til 200 personer.

Langeland and South Funen offer many sightseeing opportunities for both brief tours and full-day excursions. We are also centrally located for trips to Ærø, Egeskov Castle, and Svendborg.

You're more than welcome to call us for a non-binding quote. 62514600

Bus tour

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Grupperejser 2024

We offer overnight group stays at the rates below::

In our many years by the harbour, we've taken in dozens of groups travelling the country. Some groups spend one night with us, and others spend several—but no matter the length of your stay, we want you to feel right at home.

We serve delicious, fresh food made from quality ingredients.

The harbour is centrally located on Langeland, for convenient access to central Rudkøbing and trips around the island.

Vi har ofte mulighed for at indrette os efter gruppens program mht. til spisetider, underholdning eller hvad der nu må være på programmet. 

Group stays must be booked in advance. The rates listed are subject to changes depending on availability and demand during weekends, the peak travel season, and holidays. 

Double rooms: 615 DKK per guest, per day

Single rooms: 740 DKK per guest, per day

These rates include a breakfast buffet and a two-course dinner