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Langeland welcomes you to an ocean of possibilities

The Hotel Rudkøbing Skudehavn is ideally located for exploring all that beautiful Langeland has to offer. Thanks to the harbour's central location on the island, you can easily drive north or south in a reasonable amount of time.

Langeland offers many opportunities to be physically active, learn about the past, enjoy nature, and take a peaceful break from your everyday life.

An active holiday

Beautiful cycling routes can be found all along Langeland.

  • One such route, known as Herregårdsruten, runs all the way around the Langeland coast and measures 160 km. The route is divided into four sub-routes from north to south. More marked routes can be found throughout northern and southern Langeland, as well as in Rudkøbing.
  • Øhavsstien, a regional hiking route, also includes a 58-km cycling route on Langeland.
  • Additionally, Langeland offers many beautiful, clearly marked trails for walking. These routes range from 1 km to 139 km, covering the entire coast of the island. There are 29 walking and hiking routes with signage on the island.
  • If you're partial to water-based activities, look for SHORES Langeland, which develops and maintains great places for activities along the coasts of Langeland and Strynø. Activities include fishing, kayaking, diving, wind surfing, and loads of other options.
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Beautiful beaches

  • Rudkøbing features a swimming area located just south of the city. The nearby Bellevue Beach is ideal for those with children.
  • Drejet Beach lies south of Spodsbjerg, a city easy of Rudkøbing. There, you can find sandbanks and shallow water, making this another excellent beach for children. In the summer, mats are laid out for wheelchair users and those with difficulty walking.
  • Further south are Ristinge Beach and the nearby Hesselbjerg Beach. These are the only beaches on Langeland where you can find dunes and lyme grass. In the summer, mats are laid out along Ristinge Beach for wheelchair users and those with difficulty walking.
  • In the north, you can find beautiful beaches near Lohals, Emmerbølle, Stroense, and Dageløkke.
Foto: Gitte Rahbek og Turist- og Erhvervsforeningen Langeland

Musik og kultur på Langeland

Året igennem byder Langeland på et bredt udvalg af musik arrangemneter rundt på øen..

  • Liv og glade Dageløkke 
  • Bagenkop By og Havnefest
  • Frikadellefest Lohals
  • Ø Festival Langeland 
  • Stensgaard Open Air
  • Koncerter på Musikefterskolen
  • Nær Festival
  • Lys i mørket – november
Yderligere information om disse arrangemneter kan se på:
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If you're in Bagenkop, stop in at Fiskeriets Hus ("The House of Fishing"). There, you'll discover the stories of fishermen from bygone years and see beautiful, old models of ships and fishing houses. You can even try your own hand at sailing in a ship simulator. At Jump 'n' Move, you can release your inner child with fun activities for the whole family. 

If you head north, you can also discover lots of "bøller", as northern Langeland is known for being home to quite a few cities with names ending in "bølle".

Experiences near Langeland

  • Across the bridge in Svendborg, you can visit Naturama. There, you'll see massive whale skeletons, plus hundreds of birds, polar bears, wolves, and wild boar. The museum offers an immersive experience with light, sound, and film. There are plenty of activities for children, too. 
  • If you'd rather spend some peaceful time in nature, take a ride on the M/S Helge, an old ferry. There are six points where you can get off and back on the ferry as you sail around southern Funen. 
  • If you're ready to unleash your inner climber (or just want to prove that you're really half gorilla), visit Gorilla Park. The park features eight obstacle courses of varying difficulty, so everyone can join in the fun.

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Transportation options

  • From Langeland, you can visit Marstal on Ærø, take a trip to Strynø, or head over to Tårs on the island of Lolland. 
  • The ferries to Ærø and Strynø depart from Rudkøbing Harbour. 
  • The ferry to Tårs on Lolland departs from Spodsbjerg. 
  • In Rudkøbing, you can find a great bus terminal with buses heading south and north. There are also connections to Tåsinge and Svendborg. 
  • Taxis are available from Byens Taxi and Rudkøbing Taxi.
  • Opladning af bil https://www.langeland.dk/search?q=opladning+el
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